Satellite EO for Flood and Drought Forecasting in China

Research project This project aims to exploit innovative satellite earth observation data products for operational flood and drought forecasting in China. The EU Copernicus programme and related satellite missions (NASA GRACE, GRACE-FO) provide spatially and temporal ... Midterm-report: -Produced a national-scale, 10m resolution, monthly surface water extent dataset for all of China for the Sentinel observation period (2017-2020). -Developed an operational global hydrological model and initiated validation for th ...
Period: 2019-03-1 to 2022-02-28 Countries: China Lead institution: Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark Partner institutions: DHI GRAS A/S, Denmark DHI, Denmark Wuhan University (WHU), China Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China DHI China, China Project code: 18-M01-DTU Total grant: 4,999,973 DKK
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