New Danida Research Portal

Welcome to Danida Fellowship Centre’s new Research Portal. The portal offers information about the research collaboration projects that have been supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in Danida partner countries since 2001. Information about smaller research grants such as those connected with PhD studies and travel grants to Master students doing their Master thesis is also available from the new portal.

Danida Fellowship Centre administers the Danish government’s support to research projects in the developing countries and growth and transition economies with which Denmark collaborates. The support is given to research projects assessed by the Consultative Research Committee (FFU) and through the Building Stronger Universities programme. In 2018, the pool for FFU projects amounted to DKK 210 million, while the Building Stronger Universities programme was granted DKK 90 million over a four-year period (2018-21).

Denmark’s current strategy for development cooperation and humanitarian action, “The World 2030” provides the direction for Danish support to research cooperation. The objective is to contribute to new solutions using new knowledge and new approaches and to increase the countries’ own capacity for creating and applying new knowledge. The intention is to tackle the challenges faced by the target countries that best match the areas where Denmark has its strengths, for example within the fields of climate, water, energy, health and food security.