Livelihood security in Western Rwanda in light of land scarcity

Start date: 30 November, 2011 End date: 11 February, 2012 Project type: Master's Thesis (prior to 2018) Project code: A15112 Countries: Rwanda Institutions: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark Grant recipient: Jimmi Lutete Larsen Total grant: 15,000 DKK


This master’s thesis investigates rural households’ livelihood security, in Rwanda, in light of national land scarcity. It uses a case study approach. In so doing, both quantitative and qualitative methods have been used. Empirical data has been collected, in the rural highlands of west Rwanda. The theoretical framework focuses on livelihoods sustainability and security. The complexity of livelihood security analysis required an interdisciplinary study. Furthermore it required studying local, as well as, regional factors. This research touches upon the socio-economic aspects of households’ livelihoods. The research operates with an approach that analyses rural livelihoods, in the highlands of West Rwanda, within the theoretical framework of livelihood sustainability and security. From the case study it is found, that sustainability is derived from diversified livelihood strategies.