Research projects

Participation of developing countries in institutions of global governance is key to the promotion of peace, security and stability. This project investigates links between UN peacekeeping…
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Total grant: 9,943,996
Malaria remains an internationally leading cause of ill health and poverty. There is no efficacious vaccine available, and recent progress in malaria control is jeopardized by drug resistance, failing…
Total grant: 9,998,894
There is increasing attention to the role of land as a critical asset in climate change adaptation, and a realization that land uses, livelihood practices, and investments related to adaptation…
Total grant: 9,999,088
IMAGENU will provide new perspectives on gender and futures in Uganda by placing marriage and its decline in focus, showing how this fundamental gender relation implicates livelihoods, health,…
Total grant: 9,997,626
Prisons and detention practices play a fundamental role in modern states in general, and authoritarian and post-authoritarian states, in particular. This project explores the historical and…
Total grant: 9,990,176
Policy-makers have converged around the view that achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires responsible business conduct (RBC), i.e. that businesses meet their “responsibility to…
Total grant: 9,393,288
Thematic focus areas: 1. Malaria 2. Climate change 3. Administration, organisation and facilities, cross-cutting
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Total grant: 13,000,000
Thematic focus areas: 1. Climate-Smart Agriculture and Environmental Management 2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3. Health Delivery Systems 4. University-wide Research Support Services and…
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Total grant: 13,000,000
Thematic focus areas: 1. Environmental public health 2. Marine ecosystem health and services 3. Cross Cutting (ICT equipment, library, financial management, strategy/synergies)
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Total grant: 13,000,000
Over the last decade, a number of countries in Africa have become less dependent on traditional aid as other sources of income have grown. At the same time, the policy priorities of these countries’…
Total grant: 7,284,756
To establish a secure basis for clean and effective supply of energy from the available wind resources of a country/region, MEWA aims at investigating methodologies for the coupling of micro- and meso…
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Total grant: 4,980,817