Mobility Grant project

The objective of the mobility grants is to support and strengthen the creation and development of networks and longer-term research collaboration between universities, research institutions, and private companies in Denmark, and in selected growth and transition countries included in the Strategic Sector Cooperation and in accordance with Calls for Window 2 application of the year.

The eligible countries are: Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, South Africa, and Vietnam, as these are the countries eligible for funding in the 2020 Call for Window 2 applications.

The collaboration with the Danish researchers is thus central for the grants, and the individual research stays must aim at facilitating the collaboration between the institutions in the chosen growth and transition countries and in Denmark within the areas of the strategic sector cooperation in each country.

Read more: Find the Call for applications and report forms under Call Mobility Grants at DFC’s website.

Mobility Grant of Ms Mamata Mohapatra

The aim of the research collaborations is to develop synergistic energy materials applicable to scalable renewable energy storage technology from secondary sources such as spent lithium ion battery.…
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Mobility Grant of Ms Amber Abrams

The Heritage and the Anthropocene (HATA) project was conceived largely in response to the Cape Town water crisis. Pressing issues HATA will research include: people’s relationships to place and…
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Mobility Grant project of Ms Alejandra de Jesús Cantoral-Preciado

In order to strengthen the on-going research of cardio-metabolic diseases in Mexico at the Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen, relevant for primary health care in Mexico the project…
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Mobility Grant project of Ms Jessica Chamier

Project Title: Recycling of Fuel Cell Waste. Globally the implementation of Hydrogen fuel cell (FC) technologies is increasing. FC may have lifetimes of up to 10 years, the limiter is the platinum…
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