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The effect of modified F-75 on diarrhea in the treatment of children with severe acute malnutrition

Abstract: Mortality and morbidity from severe acute malnutrition (SAM) remains a problem among children under five years of age living in especially developing countries. Frequent co-existing…
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Study 1) Influence of postpartum depression on child growth: A cohort study | AND | Study 2) Intimate Partner Violence among Pregnant Women and Exclusive Breastfeeding: A Cohort Study

Abstract for study 1: Influence of postpartum depression on child growth: A cohort study: To assess the impact of postpartum depression on child growth in a Tanzanian birth cohort. ----- Abstract for…
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My Friend Woman. A Qualitative Study of the United Nations Gender Balancing Strategy Examined Through the Perspectives of Local, Community Women

Abstract: This thesis examines the assumed effects of the United Nations gender balancing strategy seen from a local perspective. More specifically, this is accomplished by placing local, community…
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Do the methods matter? Comparing intra-household versus household level approach to quantifying income in Nepal

Abstract: Lack of studies comparing household’s income at household and intrahousehold level means that there is scant/no evidence on the differences in income estimates when using household and…
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All-Women vs. Mixed-Gender Community Forest User Groups in Nepal; which model serves womens interests best?

Abstract: Although there are, on paper, 1072 All-Women Community Forest User Groups (AWCFUGs) in Nepal, this concept, and its impact on female empowerment, decision-making, participation and so forth…
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By whose rules, for whose needs? The power of elites, livelihood implications and potential for resistance in two Nepalese community forest user groups

Abstract: The Nepalese community forestry program entitles user groups to autonomously manage their forest within the confines of an officially approved operational plan. While widely considered a…
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Changed Tapping Climate Climate change and other challenges for resin tappers in the Prey Lang Forest in Cambodia

Abstract: Cambodia´s rural population depends predominantly on agricultural productivity, which is based mainly on natural climate conditions. However, changes in rainfall patterns and increasing…
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