Nepal on the move: Conflict, migration and stability

Partner Institution(s): 
Kathmandu University, School of Arts, Nepal
North-Eastern Hill University, Department of Anthropology, India
University of Copenhagen, Department of Geography og Geology, Denmark
Start Date: 
November 15, 2011
End Date: 
December 31, 2017
Project Code: 
Total grant: 
DKK 9,953,881
Contact : 
Jens Seeberg
India, Nepal

Migration within Nepal, to India and to join the British army have been
practiced for generations. However, flows of migration have intensified
during the decade of armed conflict. Migrant destinations such as the
Gulf countries, Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and Australia
have attracted an increasing number of young Nepalis in search of work
and education. These changing patterns of migration have led to diverse
forms of multi-locality. We seek to understand how these mobility
processes challenge and stimulate the current nation-building project. We
address the implications of mobility for designing in a new constitution
binding notions of citizenship and civil rights that have traditionally been
linked to place of birth or registered place of residence. Bearing in mind
that a large and increasing proportion of the population is residing
outside Nepal, it is of utmost importance for democracy in Nepal to
adequately address these issues. Scrutinizing how migration and political
involvement are intertwined in the post-conflict nation-building for
people involved, the project aims at breaking new ground
methodologically and analytically in migration and conflict studies. We
also engage in knowledge-sharing workshops with relevant stakeholders
to encourage dialogue on the political importance of migration in relation
to the political processes within Nepal.


Midterm Report 2016:
PhD: Out of 5 PhD students, 2 have completed, 1 has submitted and been asked to revise, and 2 are yet to submit their theses.

All planned workshops and conferences have been completed.

A number of international peer-review journal articles and conferences papers have been published, and planned publications are in progress.

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