Mobility Grant project of Ms Jessica Chamier

Start date
November 14, 2018
End date
September 19, 2019
Project coordinator
Shuang Ma Andersen
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Contact person
Shuang Ma Andersen

Project Title: Recycling of Fuel Cell Waste.

Globally the implementation of Hydrogen fuel cell (FC) technologies is increasing. FC may have lifetimes of up to 10 years, the limiter is the platinum group metal (PGM) containing membrane electrode assembly (MEA). Spent MEAs represent a form of waste, which most commercial companies can not handle. Recovery of the PGMs from spent MEAs are of topical interest to recoup cost, create revenues and close the loop for a greener technology.

SDU has extensive experience in Pt catalyst recovery. HySA Catalysis at UCT manufacture MEAs with a large economic incentive to recycle PGMs. DFC provides an excellent opportunity, which allows for the these parties to establish overlapping interest and collaboration opportunities for research & technology development. The goal of the project is to establish a green and economical process for Waste FC PGM recovery.