Building Stronger Universities II - GU

Start date
January 1, 2015
End date
September 30, 2017
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Lead institution
Total grant
Contact person
Ambrose Okot


The overall purpose of the collaborative programme is to support Gulu University in its efforts to strengthen research capacityat PhD level and research-based education,with a special emphasis on research ‘for community transformation’. In addressing the broad overall purpose, three thematic areas are in focus:

i) Stability, democracy and rights;

ii) Quality, equity and innovation in education;

and iii) Culture, education and development.

Gulu University is located in a region recovering from more than 20 years of war and encampment, and has a commitment to outreach and community engagement. However, very few faculty members hold PhD degrees, the training of PhDs is in its infancy, and there is a general shortage of resources.

The project has two objectives:
- A) Strengthening research and PhD education;
- B) Strengthening services and facilities that support research.

These two objectives will be achieved through four outcomes each targeted by a work package (WP). WP 1 and WP 2 address the first objective, while WP 3 and WP 4 aim to achieve the second objective.