University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Faculty of Engineering, Institute of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology, Denmark

Mobility Grant of Mr Sri Harjanto

Research project Resource efficiency and sustainability of raw materials are essential societal challenges, which draw increasing attention worldwide. All nations are strongly encouraged to move towards a greener, more resource efficient and climate-resilient economy ...Research activities in terms of literature review, technical discussion and laboratory visits wereundertaken at SDU. Guest lecture by Prof. Sri Harjanto was held on 19 Sep. Industrial visit to COWI (Dr. Joan M. Nielsen) was implemented on 26 Sep. D ...
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Mobility Grant of Ms Mamata Mohapatra

Research project The aim of the research collaborations is to develop synergistic energy materials applicable to scalable renewable energy storage technology from secondary sources such as spent lithium ion battery. The crucial ingredients of lithium-ion batteries, ... The initiative of the collaboration results the development of a novel process involving VOC-assisted leaching developed for recovering Cobalt based energy materials from spent lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) with comprehensive characterization using A ...
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Mobility Grant project of Ms Jessica Chamier

Research project Project Title: Recycling of Fuel Cell Waste. Globally the implementation of Hydrogen fuel cell (FC) technologies is increasing. FC may have lifetimes of up to 10 years, the limiter is the platinum group metal (PGM) containing membrane electro ... The project resulted in multiple communication outputs, including:
1. R. Sharma, Y. Wang, F. Li, J. Chamier, S. M. Andersen. ACS Omega 2019
2. R. Sharma, Y. Wang, F. Li, J. Chamier, S ...
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SUSANE 2 Optimizing environmentally friendly biogas production from livestock manure for the reduction of green house gas emissions

Research project The objective of this project is to convert animal manure from an environmentally detrimental waste to a valuable resource. This is achieved through development of a sustainable Vietnamese biogas production system, which reduces greenhouse gas emissi ... Project Completion Report - Summary: Livestock production is increasing and being specialized in Vietnam leading to the decoupling of livestock farming from plant production or fish farming. This has led to surplus liquid manure being discharged t ...
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Sustainable, Sanitary and Efficient Management of Animal Manure for Plant Nutrition in Vietnam

Research project
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