University of Ghana (UG), Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, Ghana

Accelerating the development of a malaria vaccine for Africa

Research project Malaria remains an internationally leading cause of ill health and poverty. There is no efficacious vaccine available, and recent progress in malaria control is jeopardized by drug resistance, failing insecticides, and inadequate health infrastructur ... First-year report: The project has three main objectives: Objective 1 will be pursued by the two project PhD students. Jennifer Suurbaar will focus on the development of ICAM-1/EPCR-binding PfEMP1 as vaccine candidate as described in the projec ...
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Functional Immuno-genetic Correlates of Immunity to Malaria

Research project This project will define immune-genetic correlates of malaria immunity and strengthen research capacity through: 1. Identification of immuno-genetic determinants of immunity to malaria: Malaria immunity has been associated with antibody titres ... Midterm report: The field work has been completed and prevalence of asymptomatic malaria parasitaemia among children (aged 0.5-12 yrs) in the study community was 7% during the dry season. After the 50-week longitudinal follow up, with both ac ...
Period: 2015-01-5 to 2020-12-31 Countries: Ghana Lead institution: University of Ghana (UG), Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, Ghana Partner institutions: Statens Serum Institut (SSI), Denmark University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Section of Biostatistics, Denmark Project code: 14-P01-GHA Total grant: 9,793,564 DKK
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