University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Faculty of Science, Department of Food and Resource Economics

Access-Authority Nexus in Farmer-Herder Conflicts

Project summary The ‘Access-authority nexus in farmer-herder conflicts’ (AAN) project investigates the dynamic processes of formation and erosion of access, identities and authority in spatial and historical perspectives. Through a theoretical l ...

Rights and Resilience in Kenya (RARE)

There is increasing attention to the role of land as a critical asset in climate change adaptation, and a realization that land uses, livelihood practices, and investments related to adaptation strategies all require access to land. However, research ... First year report Development objective: Ensure secure and peaceful access to land for climate change adaptation and thereby resilience of pastoralists and all Kenyan citizens. Immediate objective: produce and disseminate insights for improve ...

Property, Access and eXclusion (AX)

AX examines how each set of actors along Ghana’s charcoal chain gain or maintain access to benefits. Access, defined as the ability to benefit from things, is controlled and maintained via a broad repertoire of social and structural means including ... Midterm Report: #1: Two PhD studies completed; 
#2: One MPhil completed; 5 more are underway. 
#3: Five journal papers published; 
#4: First AX national charcoal stakeholder forum convened April 2016. Proce ...

The Timber Rush: Private Forestry in Village Land

A little known timber rush is going on in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania primarily driven by domestic investments. Recent reports and government project documents estimate that private forest plantations are increasing fast and that the large pr ... Midterm report 2018: Objective 1:
Two PhD students enrolled in PhD studies at SUA and UoC Fieldwork completed and researchers have published articles and are still working on other manuscripts for publication
Output # 1

Upgrading pangas and tilapia value chains in Bangladesh

Growth in aquaculture is important because it can help alleviate poverty by providing food and creating jobs in Bangladesh. The purpose is to promote green growth in freshwater pangas/tilapia aquaculture by providing knowledge on how to improve wate ... Extra midterm report 2018: Objectives: The project has created multi-faceted knowledge of water quality, best farm management practice and value chain functioning in many dimensions, revealed by the different ref articles. More knowledge ...

Enhancing Productivity, Market Access and Income of Small Farming Businesses in Tanzania: Potentials and Limitations in Contract Farming

The project portfolio for phase 2 consists of three separate sub-projects that all are nourished by research findings from phase 1. The three sub-projects are tied together by emerging or changing contractual systems, the overarching issue examined ... Midterm report 2016 As indicated in the project status above, during 2015 the main focus was on capacity building for PhD students, proposal development and conduct of field surveys for all three sub-projects. For Objective 1 and Output ...

Innovations and Markets for Lake Victoria Fisheries (IMLAF)

The proposed project titled “Innovations and Markets for Lake Victoria Fisheries” (IMLAF) will be carried out in the Lake Victoria basin of Tanzania. Its main objective is to catalyze socio-economic growth through expansion of markets for Nile perch ... Midterm report 2017: a)There is high level of income inequalities between processors and traders; imperfect competitive market, market is less efficient; existing business model is the advance financing through social capital; main processing ...

Organic Cotton for Employment, Growth and Environment?

We will assess the potential of organic cotton production to improve the livelihoods of millions of poor households in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). These households depend on production, trading, or processing of cotton but are at risk of losing their ... Midterm report 2017: We have collected experimental data on yields, environmental impacts and profitability of different cotton production methods and the results are analysed in several working papers in preparation for publication in scient ...
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