University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Faculty of Life Sciences, Department of Veterinary Disease Biology, Denmark - Prior to 2012

Chickens as a possible reservoir for urinary tract infections in humans

Research project About 60% all of human infections in the world are caused by zoonotic pathogens transmitted typically by direct contact to animals or through faecally contaminated foods. Smallholder farmers in rural and suburban Vietnam live in close contact with t ... The role of Enterococcus spp. as pathogens has increased while the source(s) of infections often remains unclear. Enterococcus faecalis from patients suffering urinary tract infection (UTI) in Vietnam and from poultry living in close contact with th ...
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Plant health systems – a novel approach to plant healthcare in Uganda

Research project Effective plant health management is fundamental to ensure food security and safety and to meet the demands of local and global markets. Regular and reliable plant health services are needed to support farmers; however, too often services fail poor p ...The purpose of the project was to identify factors that influence the performance of plant clinics in Uganda in order to design interventions for plant health system strengthening. Field work was carried out in 13 districts in Uganda. Methods were de ...
Period: 2009-12-12 to 2012-12-12 Countries: Uganda Lead institution: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark Partner institutions: CABI Africa-Global Plant Clinic, Kenya Makerere University, Uganda Project code: 09-022DBL Total grant: 3,082,404 DKK
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Assessment of the socio-economic impact of Taenia solium cysticercosis in Angónia District, Mozambique

Master thesis Abstract:
Taenia solium cysticercosis is an emerging zoonosis causing both public health and agricultural problems in many low-income countries. NCC is considered a cause of epilepsy in people of all ages and one of the most important huma ...
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Epidemiology of avian influenza in Vietnam – the role of ducks and survival of virus in water

Research project The broad objective was to study the epidemiology of avian influenza (AI) in Vietnam – following the ongoing outbreak of AI in many provinces of the country. The project primarily focused on the role of ducks as a reservoir for the AI virus and the ...
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Ectoparasites on pigs and farmers’ practices in relation to the infestations and diseases in Mbeya Region, Tanzania

Master thesis Abstract
This study was carried out from May to August 2011 in the Mbeya Region, Tanzania with a cross-sectional design in order to describe the management practises and the ectoparasitic distribution and diversity within confinement and f ...
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Research initiative on Avian Influenza in Bangladesh and Vietnam

Research project The aim of the initiative is to enable the formulation of a larger strategic research cum research capacity building project based on thorough needs assessment. Vietnam was one of the first countries (2003) in Asia to be hit by avian ...
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Improving Smallholder Pig Production and Health in Eastern and Southern Africa

Research project The tape worm Taenia solium is transmitted from pigs (cysticercosis: encysted larval stages) to humans (taeniosis: adult tape worm) through undercooked or raw pork. The adult worms excrete eggs that may in turn infect pigs. However, if humans inadve ...
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