University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Department of Veterinary Disease Biology

Green Resources Innovations For Livelihood Improvement

Research project The proposed collaborative project titled “Green Resources Innovations for Livelihood Improvement (GRILI)’ will be carried out in the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania and Manyara region where Synadenium glaucescens, and Commiphora swynnertonii are f ... First-year report While the outcomes are not yet realized the results for specific objectives are: reconnaissance survey and the Inception meeting done involving 8 GRPs value chain actors and 7 stakeholders. 4 PhD students recruited on the areas ...
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Innovations and Markets for Lake Victoria Fisheries (IMLAF)

Research project The proposed project titled “Innovations and Markets for Lake Victoria Fisheries” (IMLAF) will be carried out in the Lake Victoria basin of Tanzania. Its main objective is to catalyze socio-economic growth through expansion of markets for Nile perch ... Midterm report 2017: a)There is high level of income inequalities between processors and traders; imperfect competitive market, market is less efficient; existing business model is the advance financing through social capital; main processing ...
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Impacts of climate change and adapting bio-security measures for aquaculture in northern Viet Nam (ICA)

Research project The project "Impacts of climate change and adapting bio-security measures for aquaculture in northern Viet Nam" is proposed to the Danish government for funding and scheduled to be implemented from April 2011 to April 2014. The main objectives of th ... Project completion report: - Aquaculture maps of 13 provinces in Northern Vietnam. Aquaculture maps with scale of
1:5000 of shrimp areas in Quynh Luu, Nghe An and marine fish farms in Cat Ba, Hai Phong.
- GIS model to assess the ...
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Securing rural livelihoods through improved smallholder pig production in Mozambique and Tanzania (SLIPP)

Research project The SLIPP project aims to improve community food security in Mozambique and Tanzania by fostering optimal smallholder pig production model systems. The project is an extension of previous Danish-funded projects in the two countries which informed th ... Project completion report: Food safety and security is challenging in rural areas of south-eastern Africa particularly when it comes to good quality protein. There has been an increase in pig production by smallholder farmers in Angónia distr ...
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Operational research to support and enhance lymphatic filariasis control efforts in Eastern and Southern Africa

Research project Lymphatic filariasis (LF) is a disabling disease resulting from a mosquito-transmitted parasitic infection. It is one of the most prevalent of the Neglected Tropical Diseases, primarly a disease of the poor, and has recently been recognized by the W ... Completion Report - Summary: The project aimed to support LF control efforts in Zambia and Tanzania, through
operational research and capacity building. Activities within the four work-packages started in 2010, with locally registered ...
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Dynamics of parasitic helminth infections: Improved control practices through comparative studies in chickens

Research project The main objective of this project is to create capacity in Nicaragua to study the dynamics of parasitic infections. Parasitic diseases are common in both man and livestock but current control measures assume to a large extent that all infections sh ... Completion Report - Summary: This project is on the importance of parasitic infections in smallholder poultry production in Nicaragua supported by experimental studies to determine central aspects of the biology of the common helminth Ascarid ...
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Assessment of a computer-based Taenia solium education tool ‘The Vicious Worm’ in Mbeya Region, Tanzania

Master thesis Abstract: Taenia solium is endemic in many countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia. There is a lack of knowledge regarding T. solium in endemic countries and it has shown to be a risk factor for the transmission ...
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Evaluation and optimization of the Circulating Cathodic Antigen (CCA) cassette test for Schistosoma mansoni, in rural areas of Tanzania

Master thesis Abstract: There is a need for diagnostic techniques which are sensitive, specific, rapid and easy to perform at the point-of-care. The aim of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic performance of the Circulating Cathodic Antigen (CCA) casset ...
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