University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Department of Food Science, Denmark

Haramaya Camel Dairy

Research project Camels are popular domestic animals in arid and semiarid regions of Africa and the Middle East. Camels are held mainly as dairy animals, but also for the meat and for transportation. The largest camel population is found in East Africa, around the H ... Project completion report: The project “Haramaya Camel Dairy” have removed obstacles for processing camel milk and developed a range of high quality camel milk dairy products. The procedures and processes have been described and made availabl ...
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Growing Innovative Entrepreneurs through Action Research in the Agribusiness Value Chains in Tanzania

Research project This project focuses on creation of  innovative and growth oriented entrepreneurs in the processing and distribution of dried fruits and vegetables to contribute to both, reduction of  post harvest losses and creation of more employment av ... Project completion report: Scientific output: we envisaged to publish a minimum of five scholarly article in various areas. These were the publications activity 2016:

1. Mongi, R.J., Ndabikunze, B.K., Wicklund, T., Chove, L.M., ...
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Income Generation through Market Access and Improved Feed Utilization: Production of Quality Beef and Goat Meat (IGMAFU-Meat)

Research project The objective of the project is to improve the research capacity within livestock production at Makerere University, Uganda and Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania, - and at University of Aarhus and University of Copenhagen, Denmark. This is ... Completion Report - Summary:
The following results have been communicated to both the local advisors and the
international audience by meetings, articles pamphlets and film and the documentation can be found at the IGMAFU-meat homepa ...
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