University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Department of Anthropology, Denmark

Imagining Gender Futures in Uganda – IMAGENU

Research project IMAGENU will provide new perspectives on gender and futures in Uganda by placing marriage and its decline in focus, showing how this fundamental gender relation implicates livelihoods, health, education and people’s future imaginations. It will inves ... First-year report: All researchers have discussed objectives and methodologies for studying gender and partnership. In 2019 fieldwork was started by the researchers in their respective fields in northern and eastern Uganda. This includes intervi ...
Period: 2018-10-1 to 2022-09-30 Countries: Uganda Lead institution: Aarhus University (AU), Department of Anthropology Partner institutions: Gulu University (GU), Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies, Uganda University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Department of Anthropology, Denmark Project code: 17-07-AU Total grant: 9,997,626 DKK
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Governing Transition in Northern Uganda: Trust and Land

Research project After decades of war and dislocation to IDP camps, people in Northern Uganda have now returned home. The transition is marred by a pervasive legacy of mistrust in institutions of governance, linked to camp experiences and conflict. This is particula ... Project completion report: Land disputes after the armed conflicts are of various kinds. Disputes between neighbours and kin are rampant in areas where people are resettling after displacement. Some of these tensions play out in relation to g ...
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Post-conflict primary health care

Research project Primary health care (PHC) often assumes a stable population.  However, in conflict and post-conflict conditions, mobility poses an even more pronounced issue for PHC. In northern Uganda the population was exposed to forced urbanization into IDP ... Midterm Report 2015 PhD fellows who participated in post graduate courses now have the capacity to conduct credible research and are also able to conduct similar trainings and supervise other upcoming researchers.

Training of H ...
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Building Stronger Universities II – GU

Research project Objective: The overall purpose of the collaborative programme is to support Gulu University in its efforts to strengthen research capacityat PhD level and research-based education,with a special emphasis on research ‘for community transformat ...
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Quality Medicine Use for Children in Uganda (ChildMed)

Research project The overall objective is to contribute to improving the quality of medicine use for children in Uganda through multi-disciplinary research and to build capacity by research training. The research plan was developed jointly by Ugandan and Danish parti ... Project Completion Report ChildMed is the acronym for the project Quality Medicine Use for Children in Uganda. It lasted 01-01-2010 to 30-06-2015. Overall objectives were to contribute with a scientific foundation to improve the quality of medi ...
Period: 2009-12-31 to 2015-07-1 Countries: Uganda Lead institution: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Denmark Partner institutions: University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark Makerere University, Child Health and Development Center (CHDR), Uganda Project code: 09-100KU Total grant: 11,394,872 DKK
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Changing Human Security: Recovery from Armed Conflict in Northern Uganda

Research project Northern Uganda has been an arena for armed conflict for 22 years; over a million people have been living camps as internal refugees for over a generation. Recently great strides have been made towards peace. However, decades of neglect make resettl ... Project Completion Report: The project has enhanced research capacity at Gulu University significantly. Research included issues of post-IDP camp security, post-conflict demography and heaith issues, social cohesion and forgiveness, and land ...
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