Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Department of Crop Science and Production, Tanzania

Productivity and Growth in Organic Value-chains (ProGrOV)

Research project The growing organic sector is an example of private/market led development. The rationale for the project is that organic agriculture has the potential to improve yields and natural resource management and link farmers to high value markets for impro ... Project completion report: ProGrOV has strengthened the research-based knowledge for supporting increased productivity and sustainable growth in organic production and value chains, and built capacity for future development of organic agriculture ...
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Increasing value of African mango and cashew production

Research project Cashew and mango are high value crops ideal for export and important commodities in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Yet production is severely affected by pests reducing yields and quality. Benin, for example, lost 42% of its mango value to fruit flies in ... Project Completion Report: The results will be presented in relation to project objectives as required by DFC in mail from Bente Ilsøe on behalf of Research á 10. April 2014. Objectives are numbered. 1. Sixteen scientific papers have been produ ...
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