Roskilde University (RUC), Department of Society and Globalisation, Denmark

Informal worker organisation and social protection

Research project This project will investigate emerging collective forms of informal worker organisation in the Global South (focusing on Kenya and Tanzania) and their implications for social protection. Rather than seeing a decrease in informal work due to globaliz ...   Midterm report: -Primary mapping of the three sectors.
-First engagement with key stakeholders in Kenya and Tanzania 
-Extensive Literature reviews conducted on the three sectors in Kenya and Tanzania as well as ...
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New Partnerships for Sustainability (NEPSUS)

Research project New and more complex partnerships are emerging to address the sustainability of natural resource use in developing countries. These partnerships variously link donors, governments, community-based organizations, NGOs, business, certification agencies ... Midterm report: Sustainability partnerships can be very important in view of balancing communities’ needs to access natural resources and the long-term availability of these resources for future generations and to ensure proper conservation. Eve ...
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Hierarchies of Rights: Land and Investments in Africa

Research project The main aim of the research program is to analyse how struggles related to large-scale investments into natural resources affect small-holders’ rights to land in Sub-Saharan Africa.
It tests the overall working hypothesis that in developing ... Midterm report 2017 Outputs:
- We have exceeded the 8 working papers we had promised, but the two comparative synthesis papers are pending. The comparative case paper is also outstanding.
- Numerous academic articles single or c ...
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Governing economic hubs and flows in Somali East Africa

Research project This research and capacity-building project contributes to a better understanding of key economic and political processes that have shaped state formation in the Somali territories since 1991. The project wants to explain how the daily management of ... Project Completion Report: Over a 6 year period a team of researchers from Denmark, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia studied the political effects of cross-border trading between Somalia and its neighbors. The aim of this research and capacity-bui ...
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Successful African Firms and Institutional Change (SAFIC)

Research project The project investigates how and why African firms are able to be successful in changing business and institutional environments. The project will identify strategies that lead to sustained firm performance and seek to explain these firms’ success b ... Project Completion Report: Knowledge: The project has enhanced the understanding of economic growth and employment through new knowledge on firm development in the African private sector in Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia. The project has influenc ...
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Building Stronger Universities II – GU

Research project Objective: The overall purpose of the collaborative programme is to support Gulu University in its efforts to strengthen research capacityat PhD level and research-based education,with a special emphasis on research ‘for community transformat ...
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Climate Change-Induced Water Disaster and Participatory Information System for Vulnerability Reduction in North Central Vietnam

Research project Located in the North Central Vietnam, provinces Nghe An, Ha Tinh and Quang Binh (NHQ), where most of inhabitants depend on revenues from agricultural and aquacultural sectors, are among the most affected by climate change (CC) induced water disaster ... Project Completion Report: The obtained results fully reflect the project objectives and outputs. The project had successfully set up an interdisciplinary research team in terms of climate change (CC) induced water disaster issues in NHQ. The im ...
Period: 2012-10-1 to 2016-07-31 Countries: Vietnam Lead institution: Hanoi University of Science (HUS), Vietnam Partner institutions: Roskilde University (RUC), Department of Society and Globalisation, Denmark Project code: 11-P04-VIE Total grant: 5,094,892 DKK
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The role of M&E in programme planning and management for an international NGO

Master thesis Abstract: The Danish sponsor-based NGO BØRNEfonden’s M&E system is failing to deliver. This thesis explains the root causes of this failure by employing contemporary academic theories within the field of International Developme ...
Period: 2015-07-20 to 2015-08-22 Countries: Burkina Faso Lead institutions: Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark Roskilde University (RUC), Department of Society and Globalisation, Denmark Grant recipient: Stefanie Møllegaard Nielsen Project code: A27781 Total grant: 20,000 DKK
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