National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), Tanga Research Centre, Tanzania

Predicting the next epidemic: DHIS2-based risk modeling

Research project Unexpected onset of large-scale epidemics caused by climate-sensitive vector-borne diseases (VBDs) present a growing risk to human health and societal stability throughout the world. The situation is especially critical in LMICs as health systems str ...
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Research and Capacity Building Related to Medicines for Major Health Problems in Tanzania (malaria, TB, and HIV)

Research project Effective drugs remain essential for the control of diseases like malaria and HIV where effective vaccines are not (yet) available; or when preventive measures alone may not be available, acceptable or practicable. New antiretroviral drugs (ARV) bec ... Project Completion Report: The project has built research capacity around use of medicines for major health problems in Tanzania: Malaria and HIV, and on how they may interact. A remark- able decline in malaria in the study area was found and ...
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