Makerere University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Production, Uganda

Income Generation through Market Access and Improved Feed Utilization: Production of Quality Beef and Goat Meat (IGMAFU-Meat)

Research project The objective of the project is to improve the research capacity within livestock production at Makerere University, Uganda and Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania, - and at University of Aarhus and University of Copenhagen, Denmark. This is ... Completion Report - Summary:
The following results have been communicated to both the local advisors and the
international audience by meetings, articles pamphlets and film and the documentation can be found at the IGMAFU-meat homepa ...
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Saving a precious crop: sustainable management of the black Sigatoka disease of banana

Research project Black Sigatoka, caused by Mycosphaerella fijiensis, is currently one of the major constraints for production of banana and plantain worldwide, including Sub-Saharan and East Africa where millions of people rely on these crops for daily sustenance. Co ... Project Completion Report: The overall objective was to contribute to the stabilisation of banana production in Uganda by improving management of Black Sigatoka, a menacing foliar disease of banana and plantam. The project was to deliver this impa ...
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