Green and Flexible District Heating/Cooling in Turkey

Research project This project will lay the foundation for a future bottom-up energy system based on renewables, communities (from building-level up to cities and beyond), and flexibility providing better user motivation/engagement, stability, and transition to sustai ... Midterm report: During this project work the following significant lessons have been learnt so far: - Always be well prepared for sudden changes in project due to uncertain conditions such as key staff illness/leave during critical project phase ...
Period: 2019-05-1 to 2022-04-30 Countries: Turkey Lead institution: Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark Partner institutions: Gazi University (GAZI), Turkey Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality (GMM), Turkey House of Energy, Denmark Gaziantep University (GAUN), Turkey Project code: 18-M06-AAU Total grant: 4,880,981 DKK
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