Aarhus University (AU), National Environmental Research Institute (NERI)

Economic exploitation and CO2-sequestration of a native West African tree – a short-cut out of rural poverty

The native tree species P. biglobosa is important both economically and for sustaining livelihoods for rural people in the Sahel. In particular, sale of this resource is important to women, due to the limited labour available to them. Sale o ... Completion Report: The main objective is to improve the livelihood in Burkina Faso through the use of P. biglobosa. The outcomes are: four scientific papers (IV: only results), a planting guide, and two implementation projects.


Impacts of Climate Change on Land Use Change in the Red River Delta and its Community Livelihood Change

In a context where Vietnam is considered as one of the most potentially affected by climate change, our project aims to understand the relation between climate change and its impacts to livelihood change of rural community in the Red River Delta (RR ... For climate change modelling,4 Regional Climate Models have been used for dynamically downscaling different Global Climate Models outputs: RegCM3, MM5, REMO and CCAM and these outpus are cross-compared to 20-km resolution product from the MRI/JMAJap ...
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