Aarhus University (AU), Faculty of Arts, Department of Culture and Society, Denmark

Port Efficiency and Public Private Capacity (PEPP)

Research project PEPP aims to map and improve approaches to CD for the maritime sector in Ghana in order to enhance the potential of the maritime sector to drive Ghana’s economic growth in a sustainable manner. PEPP focuses on implicit and explicit alliances between ... First year report During the first year, we have primarily focused on concrete outputs such as conference participation (EURAM, ECAS, EJARN, and NorDev) to have our initial findings discussed among peers, one stakeholder meeting and two internatio ...
Period: 2019-01-16 to 2022-01-15 Countries: Ghana Lead institution: Aarhus University (AU), Denmark Partner institutions: University of Ghana (UG), Ghana Project code: 18-M02-AU Total grant: 4,997,029 DKK
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Everyday Justice and Security in the Myanmar Transition

Research project This timely project will build research capacity and inform policy interventions by investigating the production of locally legitimate authority in transitional contexts with contested statehood. This is analyzed through the lens of everyday justice ... Midterm report 2018: In-depth fieldwork on everyday justice and local authority has been carried out in 17 localities across Karen State (6 sites), Mon State (6 sites), Yangon (2 sites) and in Danu, Pa-O and Naga Self-administered Zones (3 sites ...
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Science and Power in Participatory Forestry (SCIFOR)

Research project With the purposes of improving forest conservation as well as rural peoples’ livelihoods in less developed countries, local communities are increasingly becoming involved in managing forests. Yet, evidence that these purposes are met is scarce, and t ... Project Completion Report: SCIFOR examines the justifications, motivations, and role in practical forest management of scientific forestry principles as it unfolds in educative institutions, bureaucracies, and communities and forests – focusing ...
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Nepal on the move: Conflict, migration and stability

Research project Migration within Nepal, to India and to join the British army have been practiced for generations. However, flows of migration have intensified during the decade of armed conflict. Migrant destinations such as the Gulf countries, Europe, North Americ ... Project completion report: The project has contributed substantial new knowledge on a range of migration patterns and practices and their societal implications for the development of Nepalese society. This pertains to both internal migration in ...
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What heritage does for conservation: Addressing nature conservation in Kibale National Park from a sustainable heritage management perspective

Master thesis Abstract: Nature conservation and biodiversity has been a part of the heritage scene since the first national parks were created. National parks are constructs that promotes and protects national heritage around the world, and this construct ha ...
Period: 2016-03-4 to 2016-05-5 Countries: Uganda Lead institutions: Aarhus University (AU), Denmark Aarhus University (AU), Faculty of Arts, Denmark Aarhus University (AU), Faculty of Arts, Department of Culture and Society, Denmark Grant recipient: Iben Dragsbæk Hansen Project code: A29545 Total grant: 8,100 DKK
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Changing Human Security: Recovery from Armed Conflict in Northern Uganda

Research project Northern Uganda has been an arena for armed conflict for 22 years; over a million people have been living camps as internal refugees for over a generation. Recently great strides have been made towards peace. However, decades of neglect make resettl ... Project Completion Report: The project has enhanced research capacity at Gulu University significantly. Research included issues of post-IDP camp security, post-conflict demography and heaith issues, social cohesion and forgiveness, and land ...
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More than entertainment: popular culture and entrepreneurship among urban youth in Uganda

Research project The project is an investigation of the role of popular culture in young people’s lives in two Ugandan cities. Although the majority of Ugandan youths are faced with uncertain futures and social marginalisation, many are occupied with popular culture, ... Project Completion Report: This project set out to describe the seif-fashioning of young artists between popular music and entrepreneurship. Based on 10 months of ethnographic fieldwork among young music artists in urban Uganda (2009-2011), the ...
Period: 2009-09-30 to 2013-12-30 Countries: Uganda Lead institutions: Aarhus University (AU), Denmark Aarhus University (AU), Faculty of Arts, Denmark Aarhus University (AU), Faculty of Arts, Department of Culture and Society, Denmark Project code: 09-036AU Total grant: 2,334,976 DKK
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