Aarhus University (AU), Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Denmark

Agroecology and poverty alleviation in Bolivia – BEISA3

Research project The project will strengthen research and human capacity at USFX to support sustainable development in rural areas in Chuquisaca, more specifically in Serranía de Iñao. This region faces increasing problems with deforestation, erosion and depletion o ... Project Completion Report: A significant and long-lasting outcome of the project is the capacity building at USFX. Whereas the research focus previously was on biodiversity and plant biology BEISA3 has changed the research focus to agronomy and ag ...
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Endophytes of Sorghum: A Potential Bio resource for Sustainable Crop Production

Research project BACKGROUND: In Sub-Saharan Africa climate changes are predicted to aggravate constraints to plant production by altering patterns of precipitation. Both increased drought and more frequent periods with intense precipitation (flooding) may directly c ...
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