Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Tanzania

Urban and Peri-urban Livestock Farming in Tanzania and Environmental and Health Challenges

Urban and peri-urban livestock farming pose immense threat to public health, environment, animal health and welfare. The pilot phase provided significant findings, however, some impact-bearing tasks…
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Safe Water for Food (SaWaFo)

Production of foods requires water and climate changes will further aggrevate the problems with limited fresh water resources in many African countries. Agriculture in the future will depend on the…
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Growing Innovative Entrepreneurs through Action Research in the Agribusiness Value Chains in Tanzania

This project focuses on creation of innovative and growth oriented entrepreneurs in the processing and distribution of dried fruits and vegetables to contribute to both, reduction of post harvest…
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Development of Enterprise in Solar Drying of Fruits and Vegetables for Employment Creation

Enterprise development in food processing with support from science base in food science and technology, nutrition and business management. Overall objective is to fill the knowledge gap on how to…
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Monitoring the Environment of Mount Kilimanjaro region and its association with Climatic Changes

This project will investigate environmental changes in the Kilimanjaro region. The main objectives of this research will involve activities in the area of Atmospheric circulation and meteorological…
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