Department of Veterinary Disease Biology (LIFE) - Prior to 2012

Chickens as a possible reservoir for urinary tract infections in humans

About 60% all of human infections in the world are caused by zoonotic pathogens transmitted typically by direct contact to animals or through faecally contaminated foods. Smallholder farmers in rural…
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Epidemiology of avian influenza in Vietnam - the role of ducks and survival of virus in water

The broad objective was to study the epidemiology of avian influenza (AI) in Vietnam – following the ongoing outbreak of AI in many provinces of the country. The project primarily focused on the role…
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Improving Smallholder Pig Production and Health in Eastern and Southern Africa

The tape worm Taenia solium is transmitted from pigs (cysticercosis: encysted larval stages) to humans (taeniosis: adult tape worm) through undercooked or raw pork. The adult worms excrete eggs that…
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From Smallholder Subsistence Livestock to Small Enterprises: Preparatory Phase

This small project was granted to allow scientist from Tanzania (Sokoine University of Agriculture and Open University of Tanzania) and Denmark (University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences) to…
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