Health systems: Nutritional interventions to high-risk groups in low-income countries

The aim of the project is to improve nutrition and health among vulnerable groups, such as women and children, and patients with HIV and tuberculosis (TB), by developing and testing nutritional…
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Enhancement of research capacity to control and manage bacterial plant diseases in Eastern Africa

Project LIFE- 731: The primary objective is to strengthen the capacity of partner institutions in Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique to conduct research on control and management of bacterial diseases of…
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A population genomics approach to assessing the impact of climate change on the evolution and dynamics of East African bovids

The objective of the project is to assess the impact of climate change on the demographic history, i.e. population size changes in African bovids and to infer the distribution of genetic lineages…
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Hunting for the benefit of Joint Forest Management and Locally-based Monitoring in Tanzania

This project investigates the outcome of Joint Forest Management (JFM) and Locally-based Monitoring (LBM) in two locations in the Udzungwa Mountains of the Eastern Afromontane Biodiversity Hotspot in…
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Monitoring Matters: Comparative Analysis of Innovative Approaches

Monitoring of natural resources and resource use by professional scientists is often costly and hard to sustain, especially in developing countries, where financial resources are limited. Moreover,…
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Improving Smallholder Pig Production and Health in Eastern and Southern Africa

The tape worm Taenia solium is transmitted from pigs (cysticercosis: encysted larval stages) to humans (taeniosis: adult tape worm) through undercooked or raw pork. The adult worms excrete eggs that…
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From Smallholder Subsistence Livestock to Small Enterprises: Preparatory Phase

This small project was granted to allow scientist from Tanzania (Sokoine University of Agriculture and Open University of Tanzania) and Denmark (University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences) to…
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